Unique Gifts for Elderly With Limited Mobility

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For most of the seniors the key elements that make a gift suitable and likable are its practical value and functionality. If we want to make them feel extra special and help them, we should give them such gifts which will assist them to lead their lives independently with a complete touch of satisfaction.

Make their christmas super special by giving them these mobility aids which will help them forget their worries and focus on getting healthier and happier. ​​


Take a look at some of the Best gifts for people with limited mobility.

1. Walking Aids for Balance

  • Walking Frame – A walking frame is an ideal gift for elderly who require enhanced support and stability when walking. It has a wider frame for better stability and is lighter in weight.
  • Walking Sticks -The walking stick provides complete support when walking, maintains balance and is foldable for those with limited mobility.
  • Crutches – A crutch can increase the base of support of a person. Purchase this for anyone with limited mobility who cannot support their complete weight.

2. Bath Aids For Getting In And Out Of Bath

  • Bath Steps- A bath step is very useful as it can be set to the desired height and has non-skid feet. This is a great gift for elderly to get in and out of the bath safely and easily.
  • Bath Rails – A bath rail can be attached to the bath or the area around the bath. Provides the right confidence and assistance to people with disabilities to complete their routine activities comfortably.
  • Shower Chairs – A shower chair has a durable seat to provide added support and comfort during bath or shower. This reduces the danger of slipping and falling when bathing.

3. Dressing Aids for Seniors

  • Adaptive Shoes for Seniors- The adaptive shoes are another best gift that have non-slip or non-skid soles to help prevent falls. They are easy to open and close, and provide comfort to feet while walking.
  • Adjustable Footrest – An adjustable footrest improves support for the back and upper body. It improves posture and circulation. It reduces pains, fatigue and stiffness that result from static muscles.
  • Elderly Slippers – These slippers are made of minerals that warm up quickly and solve the problem of low blood circulation often observed in the elderly people. They are washable, light-weight, odourless and very much portable.

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