Forearm walker upright rollator, Forearm Walkers for the elderly & disabled

MobiWalk® Upright Rollator With Pneumatic Wheels | Stand Up Walker | Forearm Support With Adjustable Backrest

The MobiWalk® Upright Rollator with Forearm Support and Wheels, a revolutionary walking aid designed to enhance mobility for the elderly. Our folding upright walker is an ideal solution, offering adjustable height to ensure a customized fit for optimal posture and reduced strain. This is a great option for individuals who want to maintain their independence while still having some assistance with walking.  

MobiWalk® All Terrain 4 Wheeled Rollator With Pneumatic Big Wheels | Outdoor Walking Aid With Pneumatic Tyres | With Seat & Adjustable Backrest

The MobiWalk® 4-Wheeled All Terrain Rollator, a reliable mobility solution designed for those seeking a combination of durability and innovative features. This rollator boasts a sturdy construction, supporting a maximum weight while maintaining a lightweight profile for longevity and reliability.
Outdoor Rollator MobiWalk All Terrain Rollator Bio Lec Mobility
MobiWalk® 3 WHEELED ROLLATOR | TRI WALKER For Elderly | Lightweight | Folding 3 Wheel Walker

MobiWalk® 3 Wheeled Rollator | Tri Walker For Elderly | Lightweight | Folding 3 Wheel Walker

Experience the perfect blend of sturdiness and portability with our lightweight 3-Wheeled Walker, designed to be the ideal companion for your daily activities. The enhanced upgraded stability ensures confidence for users of all ages, especially the elderly, with a sturdy frame unique to Bio-Lec Mobility.

MobiWalk® Classic 4 Wheeled  Rollator With Seat | Lightweight Four-Wheeled Mobility Walker

Experience comfort on the go with our MobiWalk 4 Wheeled Classic Rollator, Lightweight Rollator with seat by Bio-Lec Mobility. It offers a foldable and padded seat for a relaxed experience. It also features ample storage with a spacious under-seat storage bag, perfect for your belongings during shopping or outdoor activities. Ideal for the elderly, disabled and seniors this rollator serves as a reliable walking aid, promoting an active lifestyle.

MobiWalk® CLASSIC 4 WHEELED ROLLATOR With Seat | Lightweight Four-Wheeled Mobility Walker
MobiWalk Crutch Rollator - Bio-Lec Mobility 5

MobiWalk® Crutch Rollator | Wheeled Crutch | Elbow Crutches With Wheels & Brakes | Walking Aids With Wheels

The MobiWalk® Wheeled Crutch Rollator is a revolutionary walking aid designed for optimal comfort and enhanced mobility. Experience superior stability with reinforced elbow crutches, promoting confident strides and enhanced support.