How to air travel with mobility aids comfortably

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Air travel with different mobility aids

Now thankfully airlines and airports have started to have systems to accommodate these people and provide them guidance to travel safely. Everyone has to go through TSA security and according to the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) it is illegal for airlines to differentiate between passengers on the basis of disability.

Can I bring different disability aids on a plane?

The answer to this question is affirmative. Most of the airlines allow different disability aids to be brought on it though some parameters like it’s weight and foldability have to be noted too.
  1. Wheelchairs and walking aids are typically permitted in the cabin, although they must first pass through security screening. For battery-powered wheelchairs or mobility aids, check with your airline first.
  2. You may need a rollator for personal use. In that situation most of the air carriers will permit you to bring the mobility aid with you. But often times you may be required to request special assistance where the authorities will allow you to board the flight by a different entrance.
  3. You must pay the fee for service if you are bringing a mobility aid for someone else. Depending on the measurements of the rollator it will be categorized as hold or hand luggage and if it’s measurements are greater than 100x75x65 cm it will be considered as hold luggage.

Bio-Lec Rollator

Given there lightweight, portability, and strength, the Bio-Lec Mobility 3 and 4 wheeled rollator product range are comfortable to bring on an aeroplane for air travel. Here are some bonus pointers to follow when taking a mobility aid like any of the Bio-Lec Mobility rollators, wheelchairs & walkers on a plane.
  • The gate checking procedure : If you possess a mobility aid like a rollator, wheelchair, power scooter or a walker you can check-in these aids on your arrival at the gate for your particular flight. One thing you should check is the type of batteries these devices use as wet cells and lithium-ion batteries can sometimes be stopped from admission. You can check with the airline if the usage of these batteries is allowed or not. To have a smoother air journey shop the Bio-Lec range of wheelchairs, rollators and walkers which are sturdy cum light, portable and foldable and can be used with complete ease and comfort.
  • The TSA Security check in process : A disabled person can remain seated in the wheelchair till the TSA security process continues. If you are using a wheelchair you can request a manual pat-down at the airport screening desk if you find it difficult to walk through the detectors. If you use a cane and cannot walk even a few steps without it, you should advise the airport security screeners who may provide options of either a manual pat-down or may return the cane to you when it has been screened after which you can go for airport security screening.
  • Escort pass availability : If you need a wheelchair you can request to get an escort pass to escort you to the gate of the airport. If it is not possible, you can ask for assistance with your personal chair and not switch over to that of the airline’s. The regulations for escort pass holders and airline passengers are the same and they should comply with it.
  • Ready your mobility aid for check-in : If you have to gate check-in your wheelchair or you don’t have any prior packaging for it you have to ensure the footrests are either removed or folded to reduce chances of any damage.
  • Let the airline know of your condition : If you are using a wheelchair or walker you need to inform the authority of your health condition where you may not be able to use a stair or walk for a long distance. You should notify the airline 48 hours in advance of your requirement to be sure to get what you need.
  • Identification of your mobility device on the arrival : In case you are checking-in your mobility aid at check-in and not through the gate, you need to ask where it can be found upon arrival. Some of the airports have separate space for these mobility aids which are a bit away from the regular baggage area.
  • Presence of required paperwork : You have to ensure all your requirements for assistance are on the file to present to the airlines authority and get it double-checked by either the check-in or gate agent. It is important to talk about your mobility condition beforehand to the authorities to avoid discomfort.
  • Choice of seat and pre-boarding : If because of your mobility issue or any other reason you need extra time to get to the aircraft, you can think of pre-boarding by requesting check-in. The aisle seats are more manageable than window seats to access the toilet or washroom as in the window seat you need to pass through 3 seats in a row which is time taking.
  • Airline’s wheelchair assistance : If you need wheelchair assistance from the airline and not use your own, you need to call the airline and put forward your requirement at least 48 hours prior to your trip. The customer service staff will aid you in every way to make your journey smoother.
  • Provision of a travel attendant : You can avail the benefit of a travel attendant at discounted rates. This process can be applicable by approval from your healthcare provider and the medical section of the airline. You can check with the airline to find possible discounts for the travel attendant and related documents.
Everyone, whether a normal person or one with disability and special needs likes to travel now and then and explore around or fulfil the motive behind the travel plan. But it becomes a challenge at times for the elderly and disabled to do so and travel with their mobility aids. Bio-Lec Mobility provides a range of sturdy, portable and adjustable mobility aids. Explore our range of rollators, walking frames, electric powered wheelchairs, bariatric wheelchairs, and transit and travel wheelchairs which can be used easily for traveling purposes changing the nature of travel from a worrisome and cumbersome to a pleasant and comfortable one.